Can you do it? Start now!💙

Hahahahahaha not ever
So swim season ended two weeks ago. I have gone to the gym a few times since then, but I still don’t eat the way that I should. I sometimes heat healthy, but when I get home from school, I eat a lot of unhealthy food and I really don’t enjoy it either, I just do it because I am hungry and we don’t really have many snacks at my house. But this summer is going to be my no-shit-summer (no eating shit food). I can do this!
If you have any suggestions on what to eat or some exercises please message me at believeyoucanchange
Thank You so much


badass deltie selfie :p

The hair and delts omg 😍🙌

Before photo. 332 pounds. Goodbye to the scared, lazier, held back version of myself! Hello to Gym Candi starting tomorrow! Goodbye to 26/28 pants, 4x shirts, and wide shoes. Hello to the Butterfly leaving it’s cocoon! I am beautiful now. I’ll admit it. But soon I get to start feeling sexy again! Cheers!

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